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Canadian Bolivian Chamber of Commerce

Nurturing a constructive environment that empowers Canadian and  Bolivian business and entrepreneurs 


Having as a principle core of our chamber the creation of business relationships based on social responsible development and other ethical principles for the sustainable development of the two economies Canada and Bolivia.

We believe that strong partnerships produce better results, that together we are stronger, smarter, and more able to tackle difficult challenges as well as pursue enticing opportunities.

At the Chamber, we forge partnerships, engage our membership, and offer unique activities that are designed to shape a more vibrant 

economic climate.  You can connect with thousand entrepreneurs, small, medium and international business through our seminars, 

advocacy events and more.  Furthermore chamber members can attend and also host networking events where they can showcase 

their business to other members on a personal level.


Proud partners of the Federation of private business owners in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia 

Agreement signed August 12, 2019.

Become a member today

Become part of our exclusive network of members composed of leaders from Bolivia's most important economic sectors, such as mining, export, education, infrastructure and more.  

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